How to Debug Customization Code

Hi Everyone,

Today I want to discuss how can you debug customization code that has been added from the user interface.

debug customization code in Acumatica

The general plan is to move your code to from customization manager to Extension Library, than open in in visual studio and debug.

1) Select code that you need to debug.
2) Create Extension Library.

Acumatica Extension Library

3) Move your code to Extension library
4) Open extension Library in Visual Studio

Acumatica Move Code to Extension Library

5) Find your code in Solution Explorer and put Breakpoint where you need it.

Acumatica Custom Code in Visual Studio

6) Use button “Attach to process” and select all w3wp.exe processes.

Attach Debugger to IIS

7) Click Attach
8) Use browser to trigger your code. Than system will automatically hit breakpoint and give control to your.

Put Breakpoints

Have a nice debugging!

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