Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Acumatica License Mode: Track users count Users instead of Sessions

Hi Everyone,

Acumatica product licenses limit the number of concurrent user sessions. By default, a user is allowed to login with the same credentials from any number of browsers within this limit.
You can disallow multiple sessions of the same user account, making licenses limit the number of users rather than user sessions. This is called Manage Per-User Session Count.

To do this, you should set the concurrentUserMode property to true in the
membership provider in web.config of your site as follows:

<membership defaultProvider="PXActiveDirectorySyncMembershipProvider">
<remove name="MySQLMembershipProvider" />
<add name="PXActiveDirectorySyncMembershipProvider"
type="PX.Data.PXActiveDirectorySyncMembershipProvider, PX.Data"
concurrentUserMode="true" />

As a result, a user will be able to log in with the same user name and password only in one browser. If another user will login to the system with the same credentials, licensing engine will logout first user and show him an error.
In the same time the user will still be able to open multiple tabs in the browser under the same credentials.

This can be a trick way if you want to force users to use separate accounts.

Have a good experience with Acumatica!

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