Thursday, 19 January 2017

Volume Based Prices In Contracts

Hi All,

Quite recently I have discovered that Acumatica Contracts Module support different types of prices agreements:

  • Fixed price - In this case you setup specific price (that can be standard or specially agreed) inside Contract Item
  • Volume Based Prices - In this case final price of one item will depend on customer usage, like a standard volume based prices in Acumatica.

Fixed Price

Fixed price is configured thought Contract Item
Than you can setup contract with this contract item and start to use it
When you bill contract and check invoice you can see that Acumatica use exact price from Contract Item.

You also can set-up extra usage price that can be bigger or lower, but only one level. But the problem is that you have only one level of different prices. That means that you cannot setup 3 or more different prices depend on usage.

Volume Based Prices
In case you want more flexible process you can try different setup approach. First of all we configure standard volume base prices (Remember that it is a separate feature that you should activate).
But then you should not include that idem in the contract itself.
You still can tract contract usage, however it will not be shown in the contract.
When you bill contract and issue invoices, system will get all used items and apply all standard prices and discount rules, so you will see that contracts have used your volume based prices.

Have a nice Configuration!

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