Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Validating AP/AR Accounts Balances before Releasing Imported Invoices

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If you ever was involved in any implementation project and data migration process you have seen how complicated is to validate data after migration.
It is especially important if you have documents that have to be released - if you release wrong document than there is now way to change document anymore and you have to reverse and create it again, that basically litteres documents history.
documents history acumatica

Ok, we can see the problem, but is there any way to validate balances before releasing of the documents to minimize number of errors?

When I have faced that problem, I have tried to find a solution and basically have found it with Generic Inquiries and Pivot tables.

So I have followed that scenario:
  1. Import all AP/AR Invoice to Acumatica on Hold
  2. Created 2 Generic Inquiries that get AP and AR invoices with following fields: Type, Ref Number, Branch, AP/AR accounts, Amount in Base Currency, Customer/Vendor, Class and Date
  3. Than I have create a Pivot Table based on that GI where I have accounts as columns and document types as rows
Pivot Table based onGI
Total on that report give me total amount that would be recorded on AP/AR account after releasing.
Basically using that report I can reconcile AP/AR accounts with Trial balance even before releasing of them. 

Here is Pivot Table definition
Pivot Table based onGI

And GI definition:

Have a fast data migration.

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