Friday, 7 July 2017

SQL Formating Tools

Hi There,

If you are working with Generic Inquiries or Reports or doing a lot of development on Acumatica you most probably have seen already such big and nice queries.

queries acumatica
And that one is just simple invoice form with one record :)
Even if you copy it to SQL Management Studio, it will not be better.

But fortunately there are few tools that can help you a lot!

1) Apex SQL Refactor ( )
Even better free plugin to SQL Management Studio that can immediately format query right in place with one button click.
queries acumatica sql

2) Instant SQL Formatter ( )
Great free cloud app that can format SQL query right in the browser for you.
queries acumatica sql

Personally I like Apex SQL refactor more, as works in Management Studio and gives me much more nice options, that is really great for any developer.

Have a nice formatting!

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