Monday, 27 November 2017

Restrict Data Accessibility using Generic Inquries

Hi Everyone,

In this article I want share with you one more idea of how can you use Acumatica Generic Inquires.
Acumatica Generic Inquires
Generic Inquires in Acumatica is key part of reporting and have plenty of usage examples:
And many others. Today I would like to add here scenario with restricting access right to data based on custom filtering conditions in the Generic Inquiry.

Lets assume we have two departments who is using opportunities for Products and Services. But we would like to disallow them see opportunities of each other.
Acumatica Generic Inquires

Friday, 24 November 2017

Mirror Mobile Screen on Computer

Hi Everyone,

Today want to share with you some tips on how to share your mobile screen with Acumatica to PC. That is really useful when you want to share great Acumatica mobile application with your customers.
Acumatica mobile application
Type: Free
Platform: Android
Internet connection is required.
Free application that uses internet connection to share Android screen to your PC. Internet conenction is required.

TeamViewer QuickSupport 
Free for non commercial use
Platform: Android
Internet connection is required
TeamViewer Quick Support allows you to connect from your PC to mobile and control it from using fingers and mouse. From PC you can connect using standard TeamViewer app.

Type: Paid, 15 USD
Platform: iOS and Android
Internet connection is not required
Nice app that can work and with iOS and with Android devices using screen-cast feature of mobile app. However unfortunately I had issues with reflector 2 and android devices. For some reason receiving device was not visible in some cases.

Handy Andy
Type: Free
Platform: Android Emulator for Windows 
Internet connection is not required
Good and free android emulator that might be useful if you do not have any interned or Wi-Fi connections during presentation.

Type: Free
Platform: iOS
Internet connection is not required.
Alternative app to Reflector.

Screen Cast
Type: Free
Platform: Android
Internet connection is not required.
Interesting app that works as web service on the mobile. You can use browser to connect to this services right from mobile. 

Screen Cast

Have a nice Demos.

Friday, 3 November 2017

SQL In<> Operator in BQL

Hi There,

Today want to show you example of amazing and very new BQL Operator - In<>.
This operator was added just recently with Acumatica version 2017R2, so now you can pass there an array of values and Acumatica core will convert it to SQL IN ( ... ) statement.

Here is a code example:
Object[] values = new String[] { "AC""IN" };
InventoryItem item = PXSelect<InventoryItem,
In<Required<InventoryItem.itemStatus>>>>.Select(Base, values);

This will be converted to following SQL
Select * from InventoryItem InventoryItem
Where InventoryItem.Status In ('AC', 'IN')
Order by InventoryItem.InventoryCD

Please note that In<> operator is available only with Required<> parameter and you need to pass array of possible values manually to Select(...) method parameters.

Have a nice development!

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Acumatica Framework API Reference Guide has been Published

Dear Developer,

I'm are happy to announce that Acumatica team has updated descriptions of all Acumatica Framework core classes and methods as part of new Acumatica Development Reference Library. All of them are located in one place now: Acumatica xRP Reference Guide

The content is collected directly from the Acumatica code and presented in a clear and concise way. You can easily find the needed information and code examples, which you can use in your customization and custom solutions.

Acumatica Framework API

Please let me know if you have any questions or other suggestions!