Monday, 25 December 2017

Restore Large Snapshot

Hi Everyone,

Have you seen such error before when you try to upload snapshot of the size more than a gigabyte?
The Error message: "Snapshot file size exceed the maximum allowed size".
Acumatica Snapshot Size Limits
There are multiple reasons why it is not allowed - connection stability, IIS limitations, Memory size, on the fly processing limitations and so on.

But what you still need to restore a snapshot and you need to in any possible way? Lucky you there is a stable way for that using Acumatica Configuration Wizard.
Wizard uses the same engine as snapshots to import data during setup, so it can easily insert your snapshots data with no matter on how big is your snapshots as it does not require in memory processing any more.

Lets check how to do it.
  1. First of all get a zip file of a snapshot and extract all files to the folder. I recommend you the same format as other files in Acumatica data folders. In Acumatica 2017 it is XML format.
  2. Put the folder into "C:\Program Files (x86)\Acumatica ERP\Database\Data" folder and make sure that all files are there.
    1. Acumatica Database Data Folder
    2. Acumatica Custom Database Data
  3. Now you can launch Acumatica configuration wizard and it will automatically add your folder to list of data sets it can insert in Acumatica. This data sets are available
    1. Acumatica Custom Database Data
  4. And just complete installation like you install normal demo data.
Your snapshot data will be there as soon as installation is completed.

Hope it helps!

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