How to add new Functionality for Acumatica

Hi Everyone,

Acumatica is great product and it has a lot of build-in features to cover huge amount of different requirements  But you know that all businesses are unique and some times requires some additional stuff that is not a part of standard product.

Well, Acumatica is fully customizable product, so you can easily change any build-in logic according to your specific business processes.
But how to do this better? Do you need to develop it by you own? Ask Acumatica for support or for standard feature?

Do you remember this picture? It absolute truth for this process too. Lets discuss your options.

As Acumatica has powerful customization manager and nice customization trainings, it is good choose to do your own development:

  • Acumatica has powerful Customization Engine and Extensibility Framework, so you can easily customize any process in the product.
  • Acumatica has developers trainings (for faster start) and development support (for further questions).
  • This customization will be your intellectual property, so you can sell it in the future.
  • All customizations are protected from minor updates and should be easily upgraded during major updates. So it should protect your investments.

Of course you need to do some investments in education and training, but this will be the fastest and cheapest way for you in future.
Also, it is very important, that Acumatica really glad to help you with your own development, as it builds global ecosystem around Acumatica product. And it is super important for doing global business.
Use this link to learn more about Acumatica:

The cheap and good way to add new functionality is to ask Acumatica include it into the standard product. This way is quite long, as you have to wait for next release, but it will be fully integrated and well tested. Also it is free way for you.
If you want to suggest some new feature to acumatica, you can use this site:
Guys form Acumatica will review the list of suggested features and if several partners request the same feature and managers think that it is useful, it will be included into the road-map for next release.

If you need fast and good solution, you can ask Acumatica Development support for Help. In this case professional developers from Acumatica will analyse your requirements and deliver a customization solution for you. Of course this is not cheap way, but developers with many years of experience with Acumatica can do it fast and with good quality.
To go this way, you can create a support case on Acumatica Partners Portal and guys will contact you with further processes. Link to the portal:

Have a nice development!

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