Acumatica Overview Demo

Hi Everyone, Just want to share with you super nice and professional demo from Acumatica team. In my opinion every partner should watch it and be able to show some parts of the system to prospect like here. Acumatica overview video on YouTube. Acumatica is leader in usability, and you can prove it with Nucleus Research ERP Value Matrix. But to make customers believe it and say WOW, you have to show it. Live demo of Acumatica is most important and impressive key sealing point where we have true advantage over other systems. Show live Acumatica, speed up your deals closing process. Thank you!

Reset User Password

Hi Everyone, In Acumatica all passwords are stored as a Hash, so even if you get database, you are not able to login with user password. But in case of trouble you can reset it to new one directly in the database. Just execute this query against the sql: UPDATE Users SET Password = ‘123’, LockedOutDate =null WHERE Username = ‘admin’ Don’t worry about clear text password – Acumatica will automatically calculate new hash on first login operation. LockedOutDate is field where system stores last unsuccessful login attempt date-time. So if your user is locked out you can use this statement to unlock it. Thank you!

Personalize Acumatica for Demo

Hi Everyone, Some times you want to impress your prospect with super nice demo. Of course you can do good investigation and nice presentation, but to be great you need to speak with customer on the same language. That means that you need to prepare customer specific data in your demo system. But also you can slightly customize Acumatica instance to show customer logo and icons. What else you can easily customize to show nice and familiar UI to customer: Customize login page images, Customize logo, Using different themes, Customize style and colors. Lets discuss all these stuff. Customize login page It is nice if customer will see their own logos and images… Read more