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Hi Everyone,

In Acumatica all passwords are stored as a Hash, so even if you get database, you are not able to login with user password.
But in case of trouble you can reset it to new one directly in the database. Just execute this query against the sql:

UPDATE Users SET Password = '123', LockedOutDate =null WHERE Username = 'admin'

Don’t worry about clear text password – Acumatica will automatically calculate new hash on first login operation.
LockedOutDate is field where system stores last unsuccessful login attempt date-time. So if your user is locked out you can use this statement to unlock it.

Thank you!

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  1. Hi,

    When i install Acumatica in MS SQL, i don’t see any user name “admin” in MS SQL.
    I know “admin” exist because i can log into other tenant with using admin, but one of tenant i have a problem log in and try to reset password, but I don’t see admin.

    Am I missing something?

    1. Never mind, I didn’t know they have a separate table “user” inside of database..
      I’m a new here 🙂

  2. This didn’t work for me : was there something that I needed to select?
    UPDATE Users SET Password = ‘123’, LockedOutDate =null WHERE CompanyID = 2 AND Username = ‘admin’

    Error : Invalid object name : ‘Users’

    Any help – just downloaded and installed

    1. Invalid object name : ‘Users’ means there is no table users. Execute this query in the scope of Acumatica database.
      use [AcumaticaDB]

    1. Hi Carlos, add CompanyID = to the where statement, like here:
      UPDATE Users SET Password = ‘123’, LockedOutDate =null WHERE CompanyID = 2 AND Username = ‘admin’

  3. The user and password I am struggling with is the username as admin and password as setup.
    This is the username and password entered when the application is launched the very first time.

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