Trial Mode in Acumatica

Hi Everyone,

Today I want to speak little-bit about Acumatica Trial License and the way how you can use it.

Acumatica In Trial Mode

You need to know that Acumatica trial license is very good and flexible, so it can be a big advantage for you and your team.

When you install new instance of Acumatica with no license, you have just two restrictions – number of simultaneously working users and numbers of cores.

  • Simultaneously working users means that you are not able to have more than 2 users who are using the same instance in the same time. When new user tries to logic, licensing core will automatically logout one user with oldest activity in the system. This restriction applies to one instance Application that is based on Acumatica Platform and for all tenants inside.
  • Number of cores means that Acumatica instance will use just 4 cores for processing incoming requests. Each core can handle several tasks (User requests, background operations, scheduled tasks, reports generation ) in the same moment of time. This restriction is more that enough for 2 concurrently working users that is allowed by the first point.

Beside these restriction you have many benefits that you can use with this license:

  • As many instances as you want – You can install and keep all versions of Acumatica in trial mode, so in the same time you can access and check customer problem on the specific version of Acumatica.
  • Fully available features – You can try any part of the system with no restrictions
  • Free and easy development / customization – Usually developers use dedicated local instance for all task, in this case 2 users is totally enough for all types of developments. All Acumatica developers uses trial license.
  • Free training – Usually when you doing training all attendees + trainer should have dedicated instance with preloaded data (you can use snapshots or virtual machines for this). In this case everyone can use Acumatica in trial mode.
  • Easy and free demo – you can use trial license to install as many customer specific instances as you want and show all processes there, including multi-instances consolidation.
  • Easy deployment of new beta/released versions – if you want to try something new, but aware about existing functionality, you can easily install in separately within trial mode.
  • Test upgrade – using trial license you always can run test upgrade of your system, to check how does it work and what benefits will you have.

Also I want to share with you one life-hack – if you need to work on implementation simultaneously with several users and you do not have production license yet, you can setup several instances of Acumatica to the same database. In this case system will share data through the database, but each instance can be used by 2 independent users, so if you have 4 instances and the same database, you can work with 8 users.

Have a nice experience with Acumatica.

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