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Hi Everyone,

Today I want to speak about consolidation functionality in Acumatica.
By using this functionality you can consolidate financial data from subsidiaries into a the parent company.
The general process is described on this image:

Acumatica Consolidation Flow

You can easily reproduce this scenario for your customer. To do this, fist of all I recommend you what very good consolidation demo video on YouTube:
Using Acumatica to consolidate financials across systems and currencies

On the next step you should prepare your demo environment. To do this you should install 2 instances of Acumatica locally/in the cloud and upload corresponding demo data there (you can find in on Acumatica Partner Portal).
Demo data consist of 2 snapshots:

  • US Entity.
  • EU Entity (for consolidations).
Acumatica Consolidation Demo Snapshot

You can import it to the latest published release of Acumatica.
When you have imported it, you can login and check data that has some pre-configuration for consolidation, but you need to understand it is not finished, as you need to change logins/passwords and urls for your particular deployment.

Acumatica Consolidation Process

To finish consolidation configuration you can follow up steps that are described in this document.

Now, when all preparation has been finished, you can show you demo. The best way is to follow the script that is provided in video above, but you also can prepare some presentation slides and customized data, that is related to your customer.
Some things that you can easily change in this data to be close to customer:

  • Logos
  • Names of:
    • Branches
    • Companies
    • Ledgers
    • Endpoints
    • Accounts
    • Translation definitions
    • Consolidation reports
  • Currency symbols and names
  • Address of Branches/Vendors/Customers
  • Consolidation report structure (Include names of columns)

For example, in complex scenario with elimination of inter-company deals, you can use this image to describe consolidation process:

Acumatica Consolidation Scenario

Have a nice Demo!

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