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Hi Everyone,

Today I want to speak with you about the ways how to learn more about Acumatica and how to do it better.

First of all, if you are a new person, you need to start with overview videos:

When you get more familiar with interface and general idea you can start with beginner training materials and than move forward with more advanced. When you choosing training to attend always keep in mind your personal role in the company. If you are pre-sales engineer you may not need to learn more about Fixed Assets configuration. And vice-versa if you are business consultant you may not need a pre-sales and development courses.

On the image bellow you can find a basic overview of paths that you can choose.

Acumatica Learning Guide

But where to start?
Personally I recommend you to start with these training courses:

  • R155 Introduction to Acumatica ERP UI (2 Hours) – This will give you overview of Acumatica UI and how to use it faster and better.
  • F100 Financial Basic (16 Hours) – Financial course where users usually starts to learn Acumatica business functionality. You may not need this course if you are a developer or system administrator, but I still recommend you to read it just to get basic understanding of ways how Acumatica is used by end users.
  • S130 Reports Dashboards and Inquiries (6 Hours) – I recommend you this course even if you are business consultant or pre-sales engineer. This will give you good overview of Acumatica reporting possibilities, that is very important for everyone who needs data back from the system.

Whats to learn next?
Than you should go your own way and concentrate exactly on courses that belongs to your role:

  • Sales Operations – before actual sale you need to have a knowledge of Acumatica positioning and demos. This path will help you to do the best sales.
    • Sales Consultant
      • E100 Partner Onboarding
      • E150 Introduction to Acumatica Product
      • E200 Presenting Acumatica
      • R100 Demo and Discovery Skills
    • Pre-Sales Engineer
      • R100 Demo and Discovery Skills
      • R150 Introduction to Acumatica
      • E100 Partner Onboarding
      • R250 Pre-Sales Engineer Demo Skills
  • Implementation – after actual sale you need to start Acumatica configuration and implementation process. This path will help you to have deeper knowledge of Acumatica functionality.
    • Business Consultant
      • F100 Financials: Basic
      • F200 Financials: Intermediate
      • D100 Distribution: Basic
    • Advanced Business Consultant – Based on Acumatica requirements here you can choose any of 2 options and you will earn the base. But my recommendation to you is to use these courses according to your business requirements.
      • Advanced Financials
        • F200 Financials Intermediate
        • F310 Fixed Assets
        • F320 Contracts
        • F330 Sales Taxes
        • F335 Value Added Taxes
        • F340 Multi-Currency Operations
      • Advanced Distribution
        • D100 Distribution: Basic
        • D200 Distribution Intermediate
      • Customer Management
        • C100 Customer Relationship Management
        • C300 Self-Service Portal
      • Manufacturing
        • M100 JAAS Training for Acumatica
      • Project Accounting
        • P130 Employee Management: Basic
        • P200 Project Management: Basic
    • Technical Specialist
      • S130 Reports Dashboards and Inquiries
      • I100 Integration Scenarios
  • Administration and Maintenance – this path is suitable for technical engineers and administrators who will configure and maintain Acumatica instance.
    • System Administrator
      • S100 Installation Management
      • S110 Security Management
      • S120 Configuration Settings
      • S125 Document Management
      • S130 Reports Dashboards and Inquiries
      • S300 System Management
      • S400 Introduction to Acumatica Technology
      • I100 Integration Scenarios
  • Development– Almost all implementations require some customization or development. This path will help you to use Acumatica Framework for any customization or add-on development.
    • Customization/Add-Ons developer
      • T100 Introduction to Acumatica Framework
      • T200 Acumatica Framework Fundamentals
      • T300 Acumatica Customization Platform
    • Integrator
      • I200 Screen Based Web-Services
      • I210 Contract Based Web-Services

Some of these training are not pessary to learn, but you need to know that Acumatica has it and you always can use it when required. Also you can skip Implementation. Administration and Development paths up to your first deal. It is not big problem to jump up to speed, but just note that these knowledge will still be required from your team.

Full Learning Path recommended by Acumatica:

Acumatica Learning Paths

BONUS: Additional Learning Resources:

Have a nice learning!

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  1. I want to prepare a short course in Acumatica system , online course , could you please support me with providers companies in the UK . Thx

  2. Great post. This is a great information for new VARs and ISVs looking to learn Acumatica quickly. There is also an End User eTraining platform created by an ISV in the US called AcuCademy. This tool, coupled with the support from a well trained VAR makes Acumatica a solid option for anyone considering a mid-market ERP.

  3. Nice blog.

    Can I ask a quick question, how to increase user lockout time for Acumatica, is it managed by IIS session timeout or web.config?

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