Moving Acumatica to Different Server with License

Hi Everyone,

Today i want to speak about Acumatica Licenses and the ways how to move instances without damage to license.

When you lunch Acumatica for first time, it will generate unique Environment ID (Installation ID) that will include:

  1. Application pool
  2. Local application pool user.
  3. Web site + virtual directory
  4. Server

Each time when you change any of these parameters, Acumatica will automatically change Environment ID.

When you apply new license to some instance, Acumatica will get Environment ID and send it to licensing server. Server will encrypt new license together with provided Environment ID. When client receive license file, it will save file to the one particular database that is associated with current instance.
Acumatica does not store license anywhere except database. This means that when you change database, you have to reapply license.

So actually each connection between instance and database requires separate license.

Acumatica License per Instance and Database

Another point is that Acumatica count license activation count and it is not possible for you to activate this license on more instance that is allowed for this license.

But sometime you may have planned maintenance/movement of the server to different location/hardware. In this case you need to reactivate license, but you see this error: “Active instance count has exceeded permit value.”

Acumatica Activate License

Here you have 2 ways to resolve this problem:
1)Delete license on the previous (obsolete) instance. Go to Activate license screen (SM201510) and click delete license button.

 Acumatica Delete License

After that you can easily activate the same license on another server.
2)Deactivate old instance through the partner portal. Sometime previous instance can be completelly removed and there is no way to delete license. In this case you can use Acumatica Partner Portal. Just find your license and open it.

Acumatica License Management on Portal

Than on the Environments tab find and deactivate old instance.

Acumatica License Management on Portal

Please note, that all these ways are not reversible. If you need to reactivate some deleted instance, you have to contact Acumatica support.

Have a nice deployment!

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