Setup Acumatica and MS Sql Database on the Same Server

Hi All, When you plan to how to better install small edition of Acumatica (edition for 2 cores), you may notice that most of all modern servers usually have 4-8 and more cores. And what to do if Acumatica just uses 2 cores from 8? In this case you may want to install Database Management Server on the same machine. It is good option, as you can utilize other “unused” cores. Usually Acumatica recommends to have 2 separate servers for application and database and this is totally better and more stable configuration. So every-time when you can setup 2 separate servers do it. But Acumatica totally supports configuration with single… Read more

Database Data Saving Test

Hi All, Some time ago, one client asked me: “How fast can you upload data into the database”. Unfortunately I had no answer for this question and actually no one has answer for this question. The problem here is just in the question itself – it has not enough information: What data (documents) do you want to upload? How many documents do you have? How many lines per document do you have? How many field per single line do you have? How many Business Accounts do you have in the system? How many Documents per Business Account? Do you have Field-Level Audit? Do you need to release documents right after… Read more

Read Excel File In Acumatica

Hi All, Today want to share with you the easiest way to read Excel or CSV file in Acumatica. Acumatica core (PX.Data.dll) contains 2 classes that may help you with reading some files: PX.Data.XLSXReader – can read Excel file row by row, PX.Data.CSVReader – can read any CSV file row by row. In my example today we will read transactions from excel file and import it to some table. Code snippet: View the code on Gist. Just notice here several important things Do not forget to close reader by calling Dispose method Excel or CSV files may contains first row with headers – you need to skip it manually. You… Read more

Process File In Memory

Hi All, Sometimes you want to upload file to Acumatica but you do not want to save it to the database. This may requires for in-place data processing or uploading data from specific format. Today I want to show you one way, how you can allow user to upload file in the browser and handle it with your server logic. In high level, to achieve it you need to do 3 steps Add special PXUploadDialog panel to your page. This control will handle file upload and save somewhere. By specifying configuration properties, you can control where Acumatica will save a file. In our case we want to store it in session.… Read more

Multiselect Combo Box

Hi All, Today I want to discuss with you one short topic – how to implement Combo box with multiple options for select. As an example I want to use scenario when we need to have a department associated with each particular customer. We have fixed and predefined number of departments so we do not want to configure them. Plus each customer can be associated with multiple departments, so we need to have a multiple options simultaneously. Based on provided requirements, we can find that Combo Box (Drop Down control) is the best option here. To do this I will use Acumatica customization engine. Lets go there and do it… Read more