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Hi Everyone,

Today I want to show you how easy to change the size of control in Acumatica.
Let assume that we have some field with big value. It is not very convenient for us to scroll value every time, so we want to change it.

Acumatica Sales Order Number Width

Let do it with several simple steps. But here we need to include customization.

  1. Create a new customization project using customization menu.
  2. Inspect element using customization menu.
    Acumatica Inspect Elements
  3. >On the popup window use customization button.
    Extend Change Field Size
  4. In the customization browser find required field and specify size. In my case size should be bigger, so I set “SM” value.
    Acumatica Change Field Width
  5. Save changes and publish customization project.
  6. Check and test result. Field size should be changed now.
    Acumatica Sales Order Number Width

That’s all that you need to do.
In the end, i want to share little bit of theory with you.
For specifying sizes you have 3 different properties:

  • Size (Control Size) – size of field for data entry
  • LabelWidth – size of text label.
  • ColumnWidth – size of full label with data entry field (This property is available only for Layout Rule).
Acumatica Field Attributes

To specify size for group of controls, use Layout Rule element. Layout rules are special invisible components in each form. They define the positions of underling controls and their size, and provide group captions for controls. Without any layout rule on the form, the controls would be displayed in one column without margins between controls.

Acumatica specify a sizes of controls and labels as sizes of clothes in the supermarket. Acumatica will automatically translate these letters to pixels. Mapping between letters and pixels is specified in style file (C:Program Files (x86)Acumatica ERP<Acumatica Instance Name>App_ThemesDefault0_Controls.css), so if you want you can change it.

Standard sizes for Controls and Labels:

  • XXS (40px)
  • XS (70px)
  • S (100px)
  • SM (150px)
  • M (200px)
  • XM (250px)
  • L (300px)
  • XL (350px)
  • XXL (400px)

Have a nice customization!

4 Replies to “Extend/Change Field Size”

  1. Hi Yury,

    To advise you how to customize something i need to get more information about what you customizing and where. Also i need to understand your goals and what do you what to have.

    In general all notes are controlled from PXNoteAttibute, that is defined on NoteID field. There is no additional controls for notes or files, as this functionality is handled by Acumatica UI core logic.

    Blog comments are not perfect place for this discussion, so please create a question on Acumatica partner portal and Acumatica's team will help you.

  2. Amazing! I am still surprised how easy Acumatica is tailored for the specific needs. I am still struggling on how to customize the notes screen, though. It seems to be fixed size everywhere I looked. No Data Field either, only Data Class SOLine. Any suggestions on what could be modified there?

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