Recommendations for Application Server Memory

Hi All,

Some times ago we had these recommendations for hardware resources:

  • Small – 2 Cores, 4 GB Ram
  • Medium – 4 Cores, 8 GB Ram
  • Large – 8 Cores, 16 GB Ram

These numbers was mapped to Amazon EC2, C3 Instance type.

Amazon C3 Instance Specifications

But after latest performance investigation we have found that 4 GB is too small for normal run of Acumatica. 8 gigabytes should be minimum requirements for any Acumatica deployment.

So I recommend you increase server memory if you have less than 8 GB. This is important especially for small instances and Amazon deployments.
New recommendations are:

  • Small – 2 Cores, 8 GB Ram
  • Medium – 4 Cores, 12 GB Ram
  • Large – 8 Cores, 24 GB Ram

Also plan your test instances in advance as well. If you want to have some test demo copies of Acumatica on production server, you need to make sure that there is enough memory for production and test instance.
It is good practice to put test instance in separate application pool and limit available memory on it.

Have a nice deployment.

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