Reusing of Browser Features in your ERP

Hi All, Acumatica is true cloud based ERP and works in the browser as fish in the water. This give us some good ways to reuse browser features for our own benefits. For example: Online translations with Google Translate – Online spell checker together with browser – Easy browser search thought data and reports – Multiple tabs – Zoom-In and Zoom-Out – Embedded online tools like Excel, YouTube or Maps – Single Sing On – And this is not the end on list and web technologies! You can have much more! Have a nice work!

ScalarCount BQL Operator

Hi All, Today want to share with you one example of how you can extend Acumatica BQL operators. As an example I will take a sub-select that will calculate count of linked entities. Lets assume that we have a list of customers. Each of ours customers has some contracts. All contracts can be for different types of services. And we want to have an inquiry screen where we can show total count of each type of contract for each customer separately. Customer SaaS Contracts Perpetual Contracts ABARTENDE 1 3 BLUELINE 2 1 AVACUS 5 0 To save some performance on selects, we can use sub-selects and calculate count there. This… Read more

Renaming Currency

Hi All, Today want to share with you one way, how you can prepare Acumatica database for more personal demo. If you use demo data, you may find that your base currency is in USD. But sometime you want to change it and show all transactions in local currency of your country. But there is no way to do it from the user interface. But Currency code in Acumatica is just a string value that can be renamed on database level. But the tricky this is that it should be renamed in all tables at once, otherwise you will have a data inconsistency. In this article will provide you the… Read more

Install Customized Package on Acumatica

Hi All, Acumatica is growing rapidly over the past several years. We are opening new offices in new countries and going to new markets. But some countries requires some specific adaptation. In general can be – language localization, government required reports, country specific taxes and so on. But as you may see, these functionality is required only for the specific markets, other users do not want to see not related reports and features. So we have decided to add it as a official customization to the standard product. Everyone who requires it can download and install package from Acumatica or request it from your contact person in Acumatica. I’m pretty… Read more

Sub Select For XML Attribute

Hi All, Today want to share with you one complex requirement that can be archived with Acumatica Cloud xRP platform. Let me describe scenario first. Lets assume we have customers certification system and we want to track their achievements. For each customer we have several persons (contacts) that want to do certification. Each person can choose one or several courses, depend on his knowledge, position and interest. Depend on each course person needs to complete one or more exams. For some coerces you may choose which of available exams do you want to complete (group 1 or group 2 of exams). And some of these groups are required and some… Read more

Dynamically changing an attribute property for a given data record

Hi Everyone, Suppose you need to change a particular property of a PXSomeAttribute residing on a Field of your data record. Way 1 A straightforward way of doing it: foreach (PXEventSubscriberAttribute attribute in cache.GetAttributes<Field>(dataRecord)) {     PXSomeAttribute someAttribute = attribute as PXSomeAttribute;     if (someAttribute != null)      {         someAttribute.Property = someValue;     } } Way 2 A less verbose / arguably more readable way of achieving the same goal with linq: cache     .GetAttributes<Field>(dataRecord)     .OfType<PXSomeAttribute>()     .ForEach(attribute => attribute.Property = someValue); Remember, that for many standard Acumatica attributes you already have standard static methods for changing attribute properties. Some existing examples: PXUIFieldAttribute.SetRequired<DAC.someField>(cache, true); PXUIFieldAttribute.SetVisible<DAC.someField>(cache, row, true); PXUIFieldAttribute.SetEnabled<DAC.someField>(cache, row, true); PXDefaultAttribute.SetPersistingCheck<DAC.someField>(cache, row, PXPersistingCheck); PXStringListAttribute.SetList<DAC.someField>(cache, row, labels, values); … And many others … Several… Read more

Hiding the tab from the user interface

Hi Everyone Today I want to discuss with you ways how you can control visibility of tab items in Acumatica User interfaces. You can do it in one of the following two ways: By setting a VisibleExp property on PXTabItem in ASPX page By enabling/disabling AllowSelect property of the view that serves as a DataMember of the grid that is displayed on that tab Welcome in this article if you want to see details. Method 1 – VisibleExp In this method, you directly write the conditions under which the tab should be visible in the screen’s ASPX code. <px:PXTabItem Text=”Tax Agency Settings” BindingContext=”tab”      VisibleExp=”DataControls[&quot;chkTaxAgency&quot;].Value = 1″> Note that… Read more