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Acumatica is growing rapidly over the past several years. We are opening new offices in new countries and going to new markets. But some countries requires some specific adaptation. In general can be – language localization, government required reports, country specific taxes and so on.

But as you may see, these functionality is required only for the specific markets, other users do not want to see not related reports and features. So we have decided to add it as a official customization to the standard product. Everyone who requires it can download and install package from Acumatica or request it from your contact person in Acumatica. I’m pretty sure that in the near future we will design some sort of marketplace or storage to share with you such types of localization.

Install Customized Package on Acumatica

Today I want to share with you the basic flow of how yo apply customization package to Acumatica.
I will do it on Example of GAF file export for Malaysian government.

From Acumatica I get 2 files:

  • Export_GAF.pdf – that is documentation about customization. Actually it includes steps for applying customization as well.
  • – this is Acumatica customization project, that should be applied for standard Acumatica.

Steps to install customization:

  1. You should use the Customization Projects (SM.20.45.05) form to upload and publish the customization project to Acumatica ERP.
  2. On the form toolbar, click Import and then click Import New Project in the menu.
  3. In the Open Package dialog box that appears, select the deployment package (a .zip file –, and then click Upload.
     install customization in Acumatica
  4. Once the file is uploaded to Acumatica ERP, it appears in the table on the current form.
  5. Select the unlabeled check box in the row for this customization project in the table. If there are other published customization projects in your system, then you also need to select the unlabeled check boxes in the rows for these customization projects in the table before you start publishing the new project. Otherwise, these other published projects will be unpublished in the system.
  6. Click Publish on the form toolbar to initiate the publication. The Compilation window appears on the form. Wait until the publication process finishes.
  7. If everything is correct, validation process will show you a Publish button that you need to click to complete the process.
     install customization in Acumatica
  8. When the process finishes, close the window. The customization project is published.

That’s all. Now you can use customization.

Have a fast publishing!

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  1. Hi Sergey,

    Is there a way to install customization packages using WebService API? Would be nice to have, especially if you would like to use one of the CI systems like Jenkins.

  2. TQ so much Sergey.

    Are there user guides on the actual functionalities of any of the customizations done by OEM partners?

    Thanks in advance,

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