Renaming Currency

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Today want to share with you one way, how you can prepare Acumatica database for more personal demo.

If you use demo data, you may find that your base currency is in USD. But sometime you want to change it and show all transactions in local currency of your country. But there is no way to do it from the user interface.
But Currency code in Acumatica is just a string value that can be renamed on database level. But the tricky this is that it should be renamed in all tables at once, otherwise you will have a data inconsistency.

Renaming Currency in Acumatica

In this article will provide you the SQL script that does all renaming automatically. But note that it just renames currency code – all transactions amounts will be unchanged.

I have prepared stored procedure that you need to create on your database and then execute. Stored procedure contains several parameters:

  • @companyID int – company (tenant) identifier in the database where you want to rename currency
  • @oldCury NVARCHAR(10) – old currency code
  • @newCury NVARCHAR(10) – new currency code
  • @description NVARCHAR(255) – new currency user friendly description
  • @symbol NVARCHAR(10) – new currency symbol

This script must be used only for demo purpose. All changes on live database may damage the data.

DISCLAIMER: This script will change some part of data with no way to restore it back. Use it only on your own risk. Never execute in on production on live database. Ensure that you have a backup of data in case of any unexpected issues.

Do a backup before executing this script.

Example of renaming USD to Tanzanian shilling:

exec pp_ChangeBaseCury 1, 'USD' , 'TZS', 'Tanzanian Shilling', 'T$'

Script Snippet:

Have a nice demo.

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