Reusing of Browser Features in your ERP

Hi All,

Acumatica is true cloud based ERP and works in the browser as fish in the water.
This give us some good ways to reuse browser features for our own benefits.

For example:

  1. Online translations with Google Translate –
    browser features in Acumatica
  2. Online spell checker together with browser –
    browser features in Acumatica
  3. Easy browser search thought data and reports –
    browser features in Acumatica
  4. Multiple tabs –
    Multiple tabs Acumatica
  5. Zoom-In and Zoom-Out –
    zoom in zoom out Acumatica
  6. Embedded online tools like Excel, YouTube or Maps –
    online tools Acumatica
  7. Single Sing On –
    sing on acumatica

And this is not the end on list and web technologies! You can have much more!

browser feautures Acumatica

Have a nice work!

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