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Today I want to share with you one way how you can play around or even show through the online demo Acumatica mobile application on your laptop/desktop computer.
Actually there are a lot of ways how you can mirror the real device screen, but today I want to go with you with setting up an android emulator on your desktop.

android emulator on desktop

Here you can find step by step instruction of how to setup working instance:

  1. First of all you need to download emulator software to your machine from the official web site. I recommend you to use Andy Android Emulator
  2. Click download and save the file. (installation file will be about 420 MB)
    Andy Android Emulator
  3. Install Andy android emulator. The installation process is quite strain-forward.
    Andy Android Emulator
  4. Run emulator from Start Menu>Andy>Start Andy
  5. In emulator enter google play (you may need to provide own Google account to access Google Play Market)
  6. Download and Install Acumatica mobile app to your emulator.
    Andy Android Emulator

If you have any cloud or centralized instance of Acumatica you can use it straight away after installing of mobile app.

Or vertical oriented screen as well:

If you do not have any cloud instances, you may use local version of Acumatica that is installed on your laptop. To access local instance from Android emulator you should use your machine IP address instead of url. To find your IP address, you may use this link.

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