Publish customization through Web Services API

HI All, Today I want to share with you one new cool feature in latest 5.3 update of Acumatica. You may know that Acumatica has a special type of Web Services API –  Service Endpoint. This API is designed to work with Reports and Report Designer. In genera Report designer is a standalone win form application that communicates with acumatica using web services API. Also this API contains some really old ways of integration that are here just for compatibility purposes. URL for this services API is: https://<instance>/api/servicegate.asmx But starting from version 5.30.2126 it also can work with customization packages. Newly available methods: UploadPackage – helps you yo upload zip package to acumatica… Read more

Sub-Menus for Action

Hi All, Today I want to share with you one cool way to organize your actions. Actually this is quite simple, you just need to add sub-actions as a menus text to the main action. MainAction.MenuAutoOpen = true; MainAction.AddMenuAction(SubAction); Code Snippet: View the code on Gist. If you want to have an action with sub-items on grid (like in my example) do not forget to hide actions on data source: <CallbackCommands> <px:PXDSCallbackCommand Name=”MainAction” DependOnGrid=”grid” Visible=”False” /> </CallbackCommands> Have a nice development!

New way to work with CustomInfo of PXLongOperation

Hi All, Today I want to share with you one change in Acumatica framework that may affects your development and customization. I will speak about PXLongOperation and Set/Get Custom Info methods. Idea of PXLongOperation is quite nice – it helps developers to automatically manage background processes as as the result save a lot of time. PXLongOperation class is designed to lunch, terminate and get the result of all processings, that takes a lot of time for some calculations. Acumatica Framework automatically creates thread, ensure its stability, catch errors (if any) and than notify end users about the result of the operation. As UI leaves separately from all server processing, you… Read more

Database Maintenance

Hi Everyone, Today i want to share with you some ideas of how you should take care of you database. Database is really highly loaded system: you doing a billions of operations,creating of millions of records every day/week/month. And all of these things should go together with highest security, performance and redundancy. To ensure a health of your database you should take case of it regularly, the same like you do with your own health. Otherwise, some day you will see something like this: This really means that something wrong happened with your database. It might be hardware, software, network or other failure. To ensure you database health, just schedule… Read more

Approving of Requisition Requests depend on budget validation

Hi All, Starting from past release of 5.3 (version 5.30.1966) Acumatica has added new option to help you to define different approval logic depend on the budget validation. On the RQRequest DAC now we have a new field “Is Over Budget”, that you can check when you configure your approval maps. This flag will be automatically calculated by the system, when any line in the request has exceeded the configured budget. Actually this flag represents the budget validation warning. The budget validation and system behavior on budget exceeding can be configured on Request classes form. System can raise errors, warnings or do nothing. If we want to approve over-budget items… Read more

Multi-Level Approval in Acumatica

Hi Everyone, Today I want to sore with you and idea of how to define the multi-level approval workflow in Acumatica ERP. Acumatica has approval feature in many different parts of the system, like Sales/Purchase Orders, Requisition, Requests, Projects and now starting from 6.0 also on AP documents. Every time when you need to define approval hierarchy, you should check the “Assignment and approval maps” screen in the system. The main idea on defining multiple levels of approval is that you need need to create dependent conditions, when each next level can check that the previous level is approved. So: On the first level you just need to specify “base”… Read more

Hidden file revisions clearing action in Acumatica

Hi All, Today I want to show you one one trick that can help you to purge revisions history of all files in Acumatica and keep database lighter. Acumatica has a hidden button, that can go through all files in the system and check revisions. If date of revision is older that specified one, Acumatica will delete all revisions except the latest one. By default this function is hidden for security reasons, so if you want to enable it be really careful and restrict assess rights from all uses except system administrator. Ok, to enable this hidden function, you should use Acumatica customization tools for screen “Search In Files” (SM202520).… Read more