Publish customization through Web Services API

HI All,

Today I want to share with you one new cool feature in latest 5.3 update of Acumatica.

You may know that Acumatica has a special type of Web Services API –  Service Endpoint. This API is designed to work with Reports and Report Designer. In genera Report designer is a standalone win form application that communicates with acumatica using web services API. Also this API contains some really old ways of integration that are here just for compatibility purposes.

URL for this services API is: https://<instance>/api/servicegate.asmx

5.3 update of Acumatica

But starting from version 5.30.2126 it also can work with customization packages.

Newly available methods:

  • UploadPackage – helps you yo upload zip package to acumatica through API
  • PublishPackages – helps you to publish selected packages
  • UnpublishAllPackages – helps you to unpublished all customization.

Hope this will help you to better maintain customization.

Have a nice deployment!

6 Replies to “Publish customization through Web Services API”

  1. Is there any way to download customization packages via this API?

    I have a utility program I wrote using this API to backup the report .rpx files, but I did not see a way to download / export the customization packages.

    Would be nice to add this function to my utility program.


    1. Hi Stott, sorry i’m not aware of the easy way to do so.
      I guess you can try to create an endpoint for Customization Projects screen, than you should be able to get the file using CB or REST API. But it will require to do some additional steps.

  2. Hi BoMa,
    mergeWithExistingPackages: An indicator of whether the specified customization projects must be merged with the customization projects that are currently published in the same instance of Acumatica ERP. If the value of the parameter is true and there are published customization projects in the instance, the platform merges the content of the projects specified in the method with the content of the currently published projects and then applies the merged customization to the instance. If the value of the parameter is false, the platform cancels the currently applied customization and publishes only the projects specified in the method.

  3. Hi

    I have a question about the PublishPackages method. I can see the second paras “bool mergeWithExistingPackages”, Do you know what’s that will do?


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