Make compilation of extension library faster

Hi All,

When you develop customization using Microsoft Visual Studio you may notice that compilation process (if you click F6 or Ctrl+Shift+B) is really long – you may wait for 5-10 minutes.

Usually this happens because system compiles full solution that contains DLL and also Web Site. Site has multiple pages that have aspx markup and must be transformed before compilation. But actually this process is required only for validation purpose and does not require for Acumatica functionality, as ASP.NET will compile page any way one more time when you open it in browser.
You may read more about it here.

So as it is optional compilation you may guess that it can be disabled. Just go to web site property pages and deactivate 2 configurations:

  • Build Web site as part of the solution
  • Before run startup page – no build.

After this your compilation process will take just few seconds instead of minutes. And it is absolutely save for your customization development.

But we still highly recommend you to do one full compilation and validation before releasing of final production version of customization to ensure that there is not errors on final pages.

Have a nice development!

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