Alter GL Transaction during Inventory Release

Hi All

Today I want to share with you one of possible ways how you can catch the process how Inventory release created a GL Batch and GL Transactions.

Lets assume that we want to change description or Sub-Account during inventory receipt release, than i need to do following things:

  1. Create extension of INReleaseProcess, that is responsible for release operation.
  2. Override ReleaseDocProc, that is doing main release job.
  3. In this method we have links to JournalEntry and INRegister, where we can check what is going on and add some additional logic
  4. Add RowInserting event to JournalEntry that will handle creation of batch or tran
  5. Change description or sub-account where it is required

In the end you have exactly required batch.

Code snippet:

Have a nice Development!

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