Encrypted batch payment file (ACH, GIRO)

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In Acumatica you can easily generate electronic payment files (such as ACH, GIRO and others). By using this process you will have a file that will have payment amounts and other required information.
But what about data protection? Bu default payment file will have clear text amounts.
Today i want to share with you how you can easily encrypt this file.

electronic payment files acumatica

Payment file will be generated by Acumatica Integration Services Export Scenario. The main class that is responsible for generation file is Integration Services Data Provider. In Acumatica out of the box we have only 2 providers : ACH and GIRO.

In my Example i will show you standard .NET encryption using Triple DES encryption.


    1. Using customization module create a new provider and inherit it from from base provider (ACHProvider or GIROPaymentProvider).
    2. Override SetFile method.
    3. Put your encryption logic there.
    4. Publish customization.
create a new provider in acumatica
    1. Use new provider type in the export provider. Do not forget to update provider object and fields when you changing type. Also will be good to save previous object name, as Export Scenario is linked to provider object by name.
export a new provider in acumatica

That is all you need to do. Now you can generate a file and it will be encrypted.

create a new provider in acumatica

Full code snippet:

Have a nice decryption!

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