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As you may know Acumatica does not limit the number of users that can connect to the system but it limits the number of cores that may be used by the system and number of tenants (companies) that can be created and used in the database.
However these roles applies only for properly licensed instance. If you are using Acumatica in the trial mode (read more there), you have a limitation on 2 concurrently working users and maximum 10 tenants.

Here I want to discuss with you some points number allowed tenants.
When you apply license to Acumatica instance, you limit number of production tenants to allowed by the license. Usually it can be something like 3, 10, 20, …, 50, …..
If you add more companies than is allowed, Acumatica will automatically restrict list of visible companies to maximum allowed number.

acumatica limits

All other companies will be still safe in the database but you cannot access it.

But what to do if you want to have any additional tenant to test something or do an experiment, but install a demo data. Luckily this is possible with Test Companies feature.

The “Test company” is an additional tenant in the databases that is not included in the list of companies allowed by license. But in the same time Acumatica applies on the test company the same restrictions as on the trial mode:

  • can be used even if you have maximum number of production tenants
  • no limitations on number of test companies
  • for all test companies in the system you cannot have more than 2 concurrently working users.
  • any production company can be flagged as test at any time
  • if you make a company as test, it cannot be reverted.
  • all demo companies will be used as test.

If you want to make you company as test, it is very easy – just click appropriate button on manage companies screen.

acumatica test

As this operation is not revertible, you should confirm your operation:
Please confirm that you want to make ‘Company8 (9)’ a test company. Test companies are intended for training and demonstrating Acumatica, and are not for intended for production use. This operation cannot be reverted.

Now you can see that your company is marked as test:

test company acumatica

Have a nice testing!

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