Custom Formula for ACH/GIRO Providers

Hi All,

In the previous article about custom payment providers i have mentioned that Schema file supports several build-in formulas, like:

  • Count – Count of details or nested groups in group
  • TotalCount –  Total lines in all nested groups
  • BlockCount – Count of internal blocks including adjustments for fixed structure
  • CountOneBased –  CountField  + 1. Required if you need calculate header or footer with details
  • TotalCountOneBased – TotalCountField +1. Required if you need calculate header or footer with details

You also can add more formulas there. For example if you want to have Count that will calculate header and footer together with details you may need TotalCountTwoBased formula.

Please check this code snippet for more details:

Have a nice development!

2 Replies to “Custom Formula for ACH/GIRO Providers”

  1. Sergey:

    I wonder if you would happen to have a complete list of in built formulas that are included in the schema? I can see that the count is giving me a total for the 02# group; however, I am not able to get a line count for each record for the 03# group. I have in the 02# group a list of payments and the 03# group lists the individual Invoices that each payment is being applied to. The spec from the bank is requiring a count incremented by 1 for each Invoice. Basically, I need it to do something like this:

    02# Payment Reference
    03# Invoice #10, 1
    Invoice #20, 2
    Invoice #30, 3
    02# Total Invoices = 3

    I can get it to do all of the above with the exception of incremented number for each of the Invoice lines. If I add the {=Count} for the detail lines, it outputs 0 (zero) for each. Do you know if there is an inbuilt formula to handle this? Please advise. Thanks!

    1. Scott, Were you able to find a solution for this? I am looking for the exact same formula, a count for my 03# group for the individual invoices applied. Any help would be appreciated!

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