Manual Mass Notifications

Hi All,

Lets imagine scenario where you want to send multiple notifications about multiple documents from the system. It might be quite complicated if you decide to do it manually.

multiple notifications acumatica

Today I want to show you one trick how you can trigger standard notification on multiple documents at once. For this task we will use Automation Notifications, Custom Field and Generic Inquiry.

My scenario would be to update my customers about quotes that are expiring soon. I want to review them before sending notifications, but do not want to do it one by one.

General idea is – to have a special not visible but editable field that will trigger notification. If we have field, that we can easily update it using Generic Inquiry Mass update operation.

Welcome in the article if you want to see configuration and testing steps.

First of all I need to complete following configuration steps:

  1. Create a custom “DateTime” field on Sales Orders screen. This field would be used as a notification trigger – standard Acumatica Notification engine can need to use field to understand when it should send message. Custom field is also fully supported.
    multiple notifications acumatica
    1. We also should add field to screen, but make it invisible.
      add field screen acumatica
  2. Next we need to create a Automation Notification that will inform our customer that their quita expiring soon.
    Automation Notification acumatica
    1. Notification should send email to customer primary email.
      send email to customer primary email acumatica
    2. Notification should be triggered only when my custom field is changed.
      send email to customer primary email acumatica
  3. Now we need to mass update this field. To do this we are going to create a Generic Inquiry that shows us all quotes.
    create a Generic Inquiry acumatica
    1. Also we need to enable Mass Field Update to mass change our trigger.
      enable Mass Field Update acumatica
Now we can finally test it. Do the following:
  1. Go to GI and select several Orders
  2. Use Actions menu to trigger Mass Update
    Mass Update acumatica
  3. Wait and ensure that records have been processed.
    Mass Update acumatica
  4. Check notifications. In my case they are pending as I have disabled notification scheduler.
    disable notification scheduler acumatica

Now you can send as many notifications simultaneously as you want.
Note that you also attach Quota Report to the notification message.

Have a nice configuration.

5 Replies to “Manual Mass Notifications”

  1. Hi Sergey,

    I am doing something similar to this article. However, the custom field is updated using custom code. However, the email notification is not triggered. But if i use the Generic Inquiry as per your article, email notification is triggered. Is there any different in using Generic Inquiry to update the field and using PXGraphInstance to update the field?

  2. Which parameters did you use to attach the Quote? I’m having trouble attaching the reports to the notification…

    1. Hi Miguel,
      Note the 3rd screenshot from the top – In the notification setup you can specify Data Source – Report.
      This means that Acumatica needs to print a report as part of the notification and attach it to the email.
      Hope it helps.

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