Customization and Source Control

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I’m sure you know that Acumatica customization project is just a big XML file that has some links on external files. You can easily export ZIP archive with all linked files and store it on the file system. Unfortunately is not really good for tracking changes.

But do you know that Acumatica has very easy-to-use integration with source control where you can export project as set of text files? Let me show you how to use it:

source control acumatica

As I said customization project is big zip file, but it can be split by items, that you can see using File -Edit Project Items menu:

Edit Project Items menu acumatica

All of these items we can export to some folder as a separate files, so it will be much easier to store them and track changes.
To export them click on Source Control -> Save To Folder

Save To Folder acumatica

And result will bi right in the folder you specify. That folder contains all project items and external files that are ready to check it to source control.

folder contains acumatica

Good thing that you can upload it back the same way – just use Source Control -> Open project from Folder menu.

Open project from Folder menu acumatica

Have a nice development!

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  1. As in run source control via unzipping and pushing files into remote gits in Windows File Explorer?
    Given that this article is 5 years old, are there any new best practices?
    I am presently testing a multi repo git setup with Visual Studio 2022. However, I have not figured out, yet, how I route the various projects into different repos and tweak gitignore to pick up everything except for the actual instance.
    Is there any documentation on this?

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