Trial Balance Detailed Generic Inquiry

Hi All,

During my last project I have faces a situation that Acumatica does not give us ability to see Trial Balance detailed by subaccount with denominated currency balance.
That information might be needed because of integration with 3rd party system.

They only things available:

  • Account Summary Inquiry screen – it gives us account balances withing base and denominated currency, but it does not give us information about subaccounts.
  • Trial Balance Detailed report – it gives us detailed information about subaccounts, but there is not balance in denominated currency.

But we have a solution under the cut.
But fortunately Acumatica has very powerful Generic Inquiries where we can construct such report within few minutes. To do that, we just need to combine few tables – GLHistory, Account and Subaccount, than apply filters and conditions.

And voila, we having new cool Trial Balance detailed dynamic report!

Full code snippet of Generic Inquiry.

Have a nice closing!

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  1. On testing this it looks good but it only reports accounts if they have had movement in the selected period. So if there is a nominal / subaccount that there is no movement in the selected period it does not report. If there has been movement it reports the correct figure

  2. Hi SJS935,
    It actually should load all accounts even if there are not transactions, but no subaccounts.
    I think you can easily do that if you cross join subaccounts to Accounts and than left join to GLHistory.
    Let me know if that helps.

  3. I loaded this and work great but how do I load ALL balances even if there has been no activity for the period. I have a GL Account that I have not used in the current period. When I run the TB, this account is not there. Please advise.

  4. Hello

    I tried doing this but the totals of my of this GI don’t match when comparing to the standard trial balance report in Acumatica comparing the same period. Any reason why?

    1. Luc, where do you have discrepancy? This GI gives a bit more details for denominated accounts, so there might be a bit different values these accounts.

      1. Thanks for your reply! My totals for Assets, Liabilities, Income, Expense do not match the trial balance report on Acumatica. We would really find this useful if we can get this worklng.

    2. Luc, It is required some time and details to review balance inconsistency, so it would be hard to help using blog comments.
      I recommend you to check with your implementer or create a support case on Acumatica portal.

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