Recurring Notifications about Expiring Quotes

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Any ERP system is designed to help users as much as it is possible. And one of very common human bug is bad memory. So ERP should solve this issues by recurring notification on multiple possible documents/items.

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Just as for example, how cool is to have notification on expiring contract, quote or cases, so we can take an action in advance.

Based on the previous article on notification from templates that I have shared with you few days before, we can design an processing screen that will send notifications for us.

So the main idea around it is – every day Acumatica scheduler will trigger our logic, that will get all Sales Quotes that will expire in some days form now and send notifications to them.

notifications acumatica

So we need to develop following

  • New processing screen that will process notification
    • Have a filer for selection criteria
    • Have details that shows expiring sales orders
    • Implement a processing method that can get all required data and send notification
  • Prepare a notification template for Sales Orders
  • Add configuration field for Notification Template that we need to use during processing. For example in SO Setup.
    notification template acumatica
  • Add a scheduler that will execute our action once a day.

As a result of these development we will have a notification activity attached to all orders

notification template acumatica

Also note that this example is quite simple and may have a lot of improvements, like

  • Adding multiple reminders depend on last reminder date
  • Track reminder counts
  • Have different templates depend on notifications count

Reference: there is open source project on cases notifications done by Acumatica team, please check it as well.

Full code snippet:

Have a nice Development.

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