Getting Report PDF through Web Servies

Hi All,

Today want to show you very simple example of getting printing report and getting it’s PDF representation thought Screen Based API.

For doing this we need:

  1. Screen-based Endpoint to Report.
    Screen-based Endpoint to Report
  2. Import Web services References to our project
    Screen-based Endpoint to Report
  3. Fill report parameters using Value command.
  4. Request Report to be formatted as PDF (schema.ReportResults.PdfContent). Please note that you also can get a HTML representation of report.
  5. Receive report binary data from Acumatica using Submit command from Web Services.
  6. Save data somewhere. In my case i’m just saving report as a file to file system, but you can process it however you need.

Full Code Sample:

Have a nice Integration.

2 Replies to “Getting Report PDF through Web Servies”

  1. Hi Sergey,

    Is it possible to retrieve a PDF version of an Invoice/Quote/Order using the Web Service Endpoint (Rest API) by creating an “Action” on a custom endpoint? We are trying to use the “Print Invoice/Memo@Report” mapped action but its doesn’t seem to be working. Is this possible? What are the required parameters? We are accessing from outside Acumatica, do you have sample Python code or any documentation that would point us in the right direction?


    1. Hi John,
      As far as I know, only Screen Based Soap version of API has a feature to get PDF of the report back.
      I recommend you to submit an idea on

      As alternative, i guess you can generate a PDF version and attach it somewhere as a file. Than using Rest API get this file back from Acumatica. Rest API supports file getting.

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