Disaster Recovery vs Failover

Hi All, Today want to speak with you about protecting your ERP from accidents. There are 2 possible way to protect you application from disaster, which are different by approach and recovery time: Disaster Recovery (DR) – involves a set of policies, procedures and tools to enable the recovery infrastructure and systems following a natural or human-induced disaster. So basically disaster recovery assumes that disaster can happen and we just need to recover it as soon as possible. Failover Protection – is automatic switching to a redundant computer server, system, hardware component or network upon the failure. Failover basically assume that stability of the system should not be affected by… Read more

Adding new Report Button on Invoices and Memos screen

Hi All, Today want to share with you the case how to add a new button to print alternative Invoice Form right from Invoices and Memos screen. Lets check how does that work and check how original button “Print Invoice/Memo” is configured. Automation Steps Fist of all if you check the code, there is no handler for “Print Invoice/Memo”. That is some sort of virtual button defined through Acumatica Automation Workflow. If you check Automation Steps for “Invoices and Memos” screen you can find that menu “Print Invoice/Memo” is added to action “Report”. That is exactly action that will be executed in the code. If you click “Fill With Values”… Read more

Number to Words Localization

Good Day! Today want to give you an idea on how can you customize amount to words transcription in Acumatica.That might be required for any language localization. Here you can find simple example, but real complexity might be related to your language rules. All the main work around that feature is done by [PX.Objects.AP.ToWordsAttribute] It can be defined on virtual field, and upon accessing by UI or Report will do automatic transcription from number to text. e.ReturnValue = LangEN.ToWords((decimal)((PXDecimalState)DecimalVal).Value, ((PXDecimalState)DecimalVal).Precision); If you need you can apply that attribute to other amounts and reuse transcription for other reports. You can read more about it on StackOverflow. < In the code realization… Read more

Redirecting to External Page from Button

Hi There, Want to share with you my experience with working with redirects from Acumatica. You may know that due to security issues and stability of software, redirect to external web site in the iFrame is forbidden in Acumatica. So every time when you use “PXRedirectToUrlException” for url like “http://acumatica.com” system will open url in separate window/tab. That is OK in mane cases, but sometimes you really need that functionality. One way to solve that issue is well described in a separate article – Redirect on Page Load But that one is applicable only if you want to have a menu item in Acumatica SiteMap. If you want to redirect… Read more

Copy Dashboard using SQL

Hi There In case you need it, in Acumatica 6.0 and later all dashboards are located in just 2 tables – Dashboard and Widget. We planning to add ability to copy dashboard soon, but until it is not available, you can use that SQL stored procedure. There is procedure and code to execute it. SQL Script: View the code on Gist. Have a nice dashboard designing!