Multiple DataViews on the same Form

Hi All, If you didn’t know previously, in Acumatica has introduced new syntax of defining DataViews/Fields. Previously you have to create a new Form, assign DataView to form and than add there fields. But now you can use following construction: “DataMember.DataField” right in the DataField property. <px:PXSelector DataField=”BranchID” /> <px:PXCheckBox DataField=”DefLocation.IsRemitContactSameAsMain” /> <px:PXTextEdit DataField=”RemitAddress.AddressLine1″ /> <px:PXTextEdit DataField=”RemitAddress.AddressLine2″ /> Also, a DataMember can be specified as an attribute of a PXPanel, and it will be inherited by all internal controls. <px:PXPanel RenderStyle=”Simple” DataMember=”RemitContact” >     <px:PXMaskEdit ID=”edFax” runat=”server” DataField=”Fax” />     <px:PXMaskEdit ID=”edPhone1″ runat=”server” DataField=”Phone1″ /> </px:PXPanel> Have a nice development!

Database Timeouts

Hi Everyone, As you may know all databases queries (like, Insert, Update, Delete, Select) should have timeout to prevent deadlock and prevent over-usage of hardware resources. In Acumatica we have 2 timeout for Select query: Report Timeout – is used only for reports, as it may need some time to retrieve data from database for big report. To configure it you can use reportQueryTimeout=”100″ in PXSqlDatabaseProvider section of Web.config file. Parameter is defined in seconds and has default value as 30 seconds. You can read more here. Querry Timeout – is used only for inquires and other selects, as some inquiries also might take more time than allowed by default. To… Read more

Consolidation Reports using Pivot Tables

Hi Everyone, You most probably know that if you need to prepare consolidated reports in Acumatica you should check ARM Reports (Analytical Reports Management) However there is one more option available with last release of Acumatica Create a Generic Inquiry that extracts Account/Subaccount balances for specific period from GL. Here I have a separate article that describes way to extract GL data. Dynamic pivot table that will split data by ledgers as columns and Accounts/Subaccounts as rows. The difference here from my previous post is that here we should change GI to return much more data – for all accounts/subaccounts, multiple ledgers and periods. We need provide more data specially for… Read more

Some Samples of Existing Integrations

Hi All, In the modern Multi-Cloud world single software almost cannot survive alone. And for ERP it became even more complicated as ERP is a core of the company and need to get data from all the parties. Just recently I tried to check  how many Integrations with already have in Acumatica out-of-the-box or as open source customization and I was really surprised! Hope you also will find it interesting for you. Microsoft Exchange Server Integration – Acumatica can dynamically sync Contacts, Tasks, Emails and Events. That is available as additional feature Microsoft Outlook Plugin – Using plugin you can easily tag your emails with Opportunities and Cases in Acumatica… Read more

Database Mapped vs Virtual Fields

Hi All, Today want to share with you how Database vs Virtual fields are working in Acumatica. You may notice that some of the fields are linked to DB, some of them not.The difference is in the Attributes are used on it – PXDB<Type>Attribute is mapped on database field, PX<Type>Attribute is not. So from user standpoint it is just prefix “DB” or “”. In Acumatica there are many fields are mapped to database and most of them have a clone, that is not mapped. Here you can see list of most common attributes. Description Database Mapped Field Virtual Field String Value PXDBStringAttribute PXStringAttribute Byte Value PXDBByteAttribute PXByteAttribute Short Value PXDBShortAttribute… Read more

One-Time Action Executing in the Future Date

Hi Everyone, Sometimes if you need to run heavy operation but afraid that it might affect performance day of the system, you can use following trick with scheduler. In Acumatica, Automation Scheduler can be scheduler to run only one time at the specific date and time. Please note that exact day is specified on Dates tab and exact time on Hours tab. As an example you can schedule import scenario for importing/updating of customers on the weekend: Just note, if there is any error, you’ll need to check that manually. As for now Acumatica does not sends any notification on failed scheduled action. To solve that issue you can create… Read more