Multiple DataViews on the same Form

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If you didn’t know previously, in Acumatica has introduced new syntax of defining DataViews/Fields.

Previously you have to create a new Form, assign DataView to form and than add there fields.
But now you can use following construction: “DataMember.DataField” right in the DataField property.

<px:PXSelector DataField="BranchID" />
<px:PXCheckBox DataField="DefLocation.IsRemitContactSameAsMain" />
<px:PXTextEdit DataField="RemitAddress.AddressLine1" />
<px:PXTextEdit DataField="RemitAddress.AddressLine2" />

Also, a DataMember can be specified as an attribute of a PXPanel, and it will be inherited by all internal controls.

<px:PXPanel RenderStyle="Simple" DataMember="RemitContact" >
    <px:PXMaskEdit ID="edFax" runat="server" DataField="Fax" />
    <px:PXMaskEdit ID="edPhone1" runat="server" DataField="Phone1" />

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  1. Hi,
    for the last week or so, i am trying to extend my graph “INScanIssueHost” The thing is that i wanted to add new DataView and i have tried several methods to define a graph, but whatever i do, am getting an exception that my view does not exist – which is also correct, because i do not see him in the Data View list in the Project Customization Editor.
    Can you maybe tell me what i am doing wrong?
    How can i define new DataView? I just wanted simply to read the data when the item is scanned from using IN302020 (Scan and Issue) and before it is posted in the “Issued” tab – in general one last check before user approves it.
    That is my “workflow” but i am literaly stuck….
    Thank you in advance

    1. Nikola, data view is PXSelect<...> or SelectFrom<...> defined in the Graph or Graph Extension. When you define it, make sure it is public.
      If that still does not work, please create a support case for us to review the code.

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