Some Samples of Existing Integrations

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In the modern Multi-Cloud world single software almost cannot survive alone. And for ERP it became even more complicated as ERP is a core of the company and need to get data from all the parties.

Existing Integrations

Just recently I tried to check  how many Integrations with already have in Acumatica out-of-the-box or as open source customization and I was really surprised!
Hope you also will find it interesting for you.

Microsoft Exchange Server Integration – Acumatica can dynamically sync Contacts, Tasks, Emails and Events. That is available as additional feature

Microsoft Outlook Plugin – Using plugin you can easily tag your emails with Opportunities and Cases in Acumatica CRM. Also plugin allows you to dynamically create contacts in your CRM. Feature available with CRM module.

Sales Force Integration – Acumatica offers online and batch synchronization with Sales Force out of the standard Integration Services module. This is additional feature.

Microsoft Excel Integration – You can export and import data from/to excel using multiple ways: from grid, using integration services, using OData protocol. Availabe with the platform.

Microsoft Power BI Integration – You can integrate Microsoft Power BI with Acumatica using OData protocol. Available with the platform. More details here.

Avalara Tax Calculation Integration – Acumatica offers integration with 3rd party tax calculation services – Avalara. This is additional feature in Acumatica. More details here.

Hub Spot Integration – Using Acumatica Integration services Acumatica offers integration with great marketing tool – Hub Spot. Available with Integration Services.

DocuSign Integration – To allow you dynamical signature of the documents you can use open source integration with DocuSign. Available as open source. More details here.

Twilio Integration – In case you need SMS notifications, you can use integration with Twilio. This is open source customization. More details here.

Authorize .Net Integration – for online payment processing of credit cards Acumatica has out of the box integration with Authorize .Net. Available with financial module. More details here.

Open Exchange Rates Integration – For daily sync of excange rates Acumatica offers out-of-the-box integration with global exchange rates service. Available with financial module. More details here. Integration – to store and share you files you can use integration. Available as open source. More details here.

Azure Blog Storage and AWS S3 Storage – you also can use build-in ingratiation with Microsoft or Amazon storage services to manage your files better.

UPS/USPS/FedEx Integration – if you are providing any delivery services you may be happy to use integration with various carries. Available with Distribution module. More details here.

SurveyMonkey Integration – In case you are working with clients and want to hear back from them about your services you can use integration with Survey Monkey. Available as open source. More details here.

FTP Server Integration – Acumatica uses it to sync files from external FTP server to database. This feature is a part of files integration process in Acumatica. Feature is available together with platform.

Much more integrations are provided by our partners – check here for details,
And even mere that all integrations here you can create using strong Acumatica Framework!

Have a nice integration!

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