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Hi All,

Previously I shared with you how to copy dashboards using SQL script.

Starting from Acumatica 2017R2 you can also copy dashboards with 2 more ways:

  • Using customization project
  • Export/Import from/to XML buttons

Steps using Customization Project:

  1. Go to Customization Projects and create a new one.
  2. Find Dashboards section In the Customization Browser.
  3. Find and Select there a dashboard that you want to copy.
    1. Steps copy dashboard acumatica
  4. Go and publish this customization to other companies
    1. Steps copy dashboard acumatica

Done, you can use it now.
Please note that you can export customization project and copy dashboards to other Acumatica Instance.

Steps using Export/Import from/to XML
Another way you have Export to Xml/Import from Xml buttons on Dashboards. These buttons will allow you get copy and upload dashboards definitions between databases and servers.

copy dashboard acumatica

Have a nice Configurations!

7 Replies to “Copy Dashboard”

  1. Hi Sergey,

    If i have change something on Generic Inquiry, Dashboard & Reports, then is it mandatory to delete or re-add to those (Generic Inquiry, Dashboard & Reports) in the customization project.. and then export package & import in the other (live) environment.

    Please confirm…Is it correct process to reflect our changes related to Generic Inquiry, Dashboard & Reports?

    1. Hi Gustav,
      There is a button – Reload from Database – on the Reports, Generic Inquiries and Dahsboards page at the customization project.
      So you don’t need to delete and re-add, just clock the button to update from the database.

      1. Hi Sergey,

        Reload from Database – Is this process same from Wiki Pages ??
        Please confirm.

        Thanks & Regards,
        Gaurav Katiyar

      2. Hi Sergey,

        Reload from Database – Is this process same from Wiki Pages ??
        Means, will this update our wikis from database, in our customization ?
        No need to delete or re-add..?
        Please confirm.

        Thanks & Regards,
        Gaurav Katiyar

        1. Hi Gaurav,
          Yes, save for everything that is stored in the database – GI, Reports, Filters, Wiki and so on.

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