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Do you know that Acumatica Mobile native app has supported dashboards and reports since release of version 2017 R2.

dashboards and reports acumatica

Here you can see YouTube video with full presentation of Acumatica Mobile capabilities – Acumatica Mobile App – Functionality and Customization

But in this article I want to show you how to configure it by you own. Welcome under the cut.

How to Add Dashboard
There is not dashboards available out of the box with Acumatica Demo data but we can easily add new one just by modifying MobileSitemap.xml file. MobileSitemap.xml is the definition of the whole mobile UI. Upon login mobile player downloads sitemap definition and draws screens and forms.
We are going to use this amazing option of mobile customization to add there dashboards definition.

    1. First of all we need to prepare a dashboard we want to share in Acumatica Web UI. I’m going to use Controller dashboard from Sales Demo data.
    2. When Dasgboard is ready we should locate and copy an associated with it Screen ID. In Acumatica ScreenID is the identifier of any screen or report. You can get it from browser address box or from Acumatica Sitemap
      1. Acumatica Sitemap
    3. Now we need to go to the server where Acumatica is installed and locate MobileSitemap.xml.
    4. You can add there definition of dashboard right-away in any place. Please note that depend on the line position you will have your dashboard in different place on mobile.
      1. Acumatica Sitemap
    5. You need to add there following line:
      1. <sm:Screen DisplayName=”<Dashboard Name>” Icon=”system://Graph1″ Id=”<Dashboard ID>” Type=”Dashboard” />
      2. Where <Dashboard Name> – is any text to be displayed on mobile and <Dashboard  ID> the dashboard Screen ID from previous step.
    6. Now you can connect your mobile and test dashboards.
mobile dashboard acumatica

Done, now you can use your dashboard.
Please not that drill down may not be supported for any screen as not all screens are registered on mobile app. Basically you cannot drill down to screen that does not exists on mobile.

How to Add Dashboard using MSDL
You also can use new MSDL (Mobile Sitemap Definition Language) way to add dashboards there without modifying existing MobileSitemap.XML file.
MSDL is a language that contains only changes comparing to original mobile sitemap version. Using these instructions Acumatica can execute them one by one in memory and apply change without code or files duplication.

To do this you basically need to do the same as in the steps about except that instead of modifying MobileSitemap.xml file you need to create new one – delta.msd – and put there dashboard definition:

add folder "Folder_16" {
    displayName = "Dashboards"
    icon = "system://Display1"

    add item "DB000005" {
      displayName = "Controller Dashboard"
      icon = "system://Graph1"

    placeAt 0
Add Dashboard using MSDL

As a result you should be able to see same dashboard as above.
Do not forget that you can organize your dashboards in folders if needed.

You can read much more about MSDL on help.acumatica.com

How to Add Report
With reports we have very similar approach as with dashboards, but you have different code to register it:

<sm:Folder DisplayName="Reports" Icon="system://Display2" Type="ListFolder">
     <sm:Screen DisplayName="Sales Profitability" Icon="system://Note2"
         Id="AR676000" Type="Report" /> 
Add Report

Now you can test it with Mobile:

Add ReportAdd Report

Have a beautiful dashboards!

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  1. Hallo Sergey,

    i want to ask about mobile acumatica, how to remove attachment or delete photo in mobile app acumatica..?

    1. Report should be the same, for Dashboards and GI there is a checkbox on configuration screen.

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