Add new Value to Combo-Box via Automation Steps

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Lets assume that you need to add a new value to combo-box control without any dependent logic. And you do not want to do this with Customization as you do not know that. And with Acumatica it is really easy to do.

Lets check an example where you need to add new source for leads. “Source” is just for informational purpose and does not have depended logic (in other words there is no different business logic depend on selected value). So that means that if we add a new value there we do not break anything.
If your combo-box has logic associated (fields enabled disabled / different calculations) than you may need to consider code customization instead of approach described here.

Acumatica Leads

Ok, so if the above conditions is met, we can proceed with adding values thought Automation Steps. “Automation Steps” is automation configuration in Acumatica that allows you to dynamically disable enable controls, add buttons, combo-box values depend on “step” where your document is currently in. For example if document is open you can print report, but if it is closed you cannot.

Here with Automation Steps we can add non-programmatic customization for some fields. Lets add source field for step Open. For our task step is not important as you can add value on any step, but for other tasks you may need to add fields/buttons on every step where you want to use it.

Acumatica Automation Steps

Than you can use “Combo-Box Values” button to see and add there your own values.

Acumatica Automation Steps with ComboBox

As soon as you save the step you can refresh Leads screen and find a new value there.

Acumatica Leads with Custom Source

Hope it helps and have an easy configuration!

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