How to Translate Acumatica

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It is actually very easy to localize Acumatica to any other language. And here I want to go thought the localization process Step by Step.

System Locales
First thing we need to do is to setup a new Locale on System Locale Screen. Here you can specify name, type and some other preferences. Please note that locale should be active, you can login only to Active locales.

Acumatica System Locales

After you save, you will be able to see new locale on login page even if there is still no translation yet.

Acumatica Locale Selector

Please note that locales are different per each company, so to choose your locale you should select correct company first.

Please note that on the same screen you also can define your preferences for Numbers and Date Time representation with “Show Locale preferences”. Also you can define in what languages should some Customers/Items and other descriptions be shown with “Setup Languages” button – this feature is called “Milti-Linguial Fields”,

Collecting of String for Translation
Now we need to get strings for translation. But before that we need to collect them with Collect String Button. We need to collect strings every-time before translation as during version upgrades Acumatica may introduce some new labels, also during customization or report building you can add some new labels or error messages also. So the final set of string should be collected from exact instance right before translation.

Acumatica Collect Strings

When process has been you can extract Strings for translation from Acumatica.
There are 2 types of strings:

  • Bound Resources – Labels, UI Elements, Reports and some other things
  • Unbound Resources – Error Messages, TextBox Values, Time Zones, Mobile Sitemap and many others that are not related to particular screen in Acumatica.

Unfortunately Acumatica shows only bound or unbound in the same time, so you have to download files twice with “Show Only Unbound” checkbox defined and without it.
On the time when I made this article (in Acumatica 2017 R2) there were about 30000 strings with different length in each.

Do Translation
You can easily do translation of Acumatica labels in Excel or any other useful tool for you.
After translation has been completed you need to upload it back to Acumatica.

Acumatica Translation in Excel

Upload of Translation
In my experiments it is enough to upload data only for bound resource but I suggest you to upload translated file twice also for bound and unbound resources.

Done. Now you can re-login to Acumatica using new Locale and  you will see fully translated user interface.

Acumatica Thai Translation

Have a fast translation!

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      1. Sergey,

        We have translated the description field of stock items to multiple languages and need to fetch the data from a GI using an API request and/or webhook.

        From what I see, Acumatica displays the different language values in the GI based on the user profile, or the language selected during login. Is there a way to get the unique description values per each language via API?

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