Cases Escalation

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Have you faced the need of escalation process in Acumatica CRM?

In general it is not so complicated to do with work-groups – when you need escalation you just change work-group. Support engineers can monitor a queue (or get a notifications) and work on case.
But here we have quite some manual processes: add escalation note, change status, change work-group.

However we can easily solve it with customization. Let me show you the scenario where you have 2 (or more) buttons: Escalate to L2, Escalate to L3 and so on.

Acumatica Case Escalation Buttons

Each button will show you pop-up form that you need to feel before escalation and do other automation. Pop-up can be pre-filled with text template from Notification Templates. Technically Escalation pop-up is a separate page that is shown as a dialog from code.

Acumatica Case Escalation Buttons

Upon save, our customization will add note to case activities and change a work-group.

Acumatica Case Escalation Automation

Work-group assigned and Template for escalations can be configured on Customer Management preferences.

Acumatica Case Escalation Setup

Project Sources:
Pre-Compiled Project:

You can easily take project shared and add there own logic and more escalation rules.

Have a nice development!

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