Custom Image on Acumatica Form

Hi All,

Want to share with you way how can you add Сustom Image on Acumatica form.

Acumatica custom Image

To do that you can use PXImage control. In the ImageUrl you can add physical path to image on the file system.

<px:PXImage runat="server" ImageUrl ="~/Icons/login_logo.png"  />
Acumatica PXImage

This is static image and not linked with any data view or dac, so if you need to change images dynamically you have to write logic in the code behind file however it is not recommended way by Acumatica standards.

Have a nice development!

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  1. Sergey,

    Thanks for the posting. How to change the image dynamically? For example, I have URL in SOOrder.UsrImageURL, how do I assign ImageUrl = SOOrder.UsrImageURL in the PXImage?


    Jun Mao

    1. You need to use a different control for this:

      please note the “DataField=”ImageUrl” “- it identifies the dynamic image

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