Keep Multiple Acumatica Installers Locally

Hi Everyone,

When you install Acumatica from AcumaticaERPInstall.msi you actually get program that we call Acumatica Configuration Wizard. Than you can use Wizard to install as many as you wish Acumatica Instances. So Acumatica installation is done thought 2 steps:

  1. Configuration Wizard installation via MSI file
  2. Acumatica ERP Instance deployment via Acumatica Configuration Wizard.

Today want to share with you nice trick on how to have multiple Acumatica Configuration Wizards at the same time.

You most probably know that you cannot install several versions of Acumatica Configurations Wizards on machine at the same time. That is some sort of limitation from Microsoft Windows that does not allow to have one application installed multiple times. However Acumatica instances are there untouched with the version you installed until you have updated it with wizard explicitly.
So if you have Acumatica 2017 on your machine and you want to test Acumatica 2018 than you have to download new installer (AcumaticaERPInstall.msi) and update/replace old version with new one. When you do this you suddenly understand that you cannot install/maintain Acumatica instance of previous version as wizard can only update it.

So how to overcome it? There are 2 ways to do this:

Uninstall new version of Acumatica configuration wizard and install old one. As I have mentioned already this is totally save operation. Uninstallation of wizard will not touch any instances or databases that you can easily use even without wizard. To speed up this you even can write a batch script that can do this in unattended mode but it is still slow and not really nice.

Copy Wizard to Separate Folder and use it from copy any time. Acumatica Configuration Wizard is actually standalone and portable program that can be used without installation. Installation is really need to make it easier for end users. But if you are power user and you know how to use it you can use that nice hidden feature of wizard.

There are few folders that you need to be accessible for Installer:

  • Data – Main folder where Acumatica Configuration Wizard executable are
  • Database – All database related scripts are here.
  • Files – the original copy of Acuamtica instance. During installation wizard copies it to the instance folder
  • Portal – is used only during portal installation
That is actually it. If you copy these 4 folders in separate directory you will be able to user wizard even if you uninstall Acumatica or upgrade it to the new version.


Acumatica Configuration Wizard Copy

To Launch Acumatica Configuration wizard you can go to Data folder and click on AcumaticaConfig.exe. It will lunch wizard as usual.

Acumatica Configuration Wizard

Have a nice installation!

8 Replies to “Keep Multiple Acumatica Installers Locally”

  1. Hi Saiful,
    After you install Acuamtica 6.1 in the main folder, copy it to Acumatica61 folder.
    Than install Acumatica 2017R2 and copy it to Acumatica2017R2 folder.
    Hope it helps.

  2. Hi Sergey,
    Thank you. I was thinking of using multiple Virtual Machines just to have multiple versions of Acumatica in my machine.

    Quick Question, how do I use AcumaticaWizard of a higher version when I copy the older version of /Data content?

    1. My current C:Program Files (x86)Acumatica ERPData folder is Version 6.10.2218.
    2. Created a new folder C:Program Files (x86)Acumatica ERP 2017R2 and copied all the 4 folders you mentioned.
    3. Run AcumaticaConfig.exe in C:Program Files (x86)Acumatica ERP 2017R2Data and the versioning at the bottom left shows 6.10.2218. How to make it 2017R2 without running the 2017R2 installer?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. It seems that each Configuration Wizard can see all the sites. Where is this info stored, or does the wizard pull this info directly from IIS?

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