Getting Started with Acumatica Platform

Hi Everyone,

Quite interesting webinar about Acumatica platform that might be interesting for you.
It explains Acumatica Platform essentials within 90 minutes.

Have a nice development!

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  1. Hi Sergey,
    I want to ask you about Paging of Grid, why I can’t find anything about controls in bottom of grid
    Example: Page 1 of 130, or 1-8 of 1314 records Like SalePerson Screen.

    1. Hi Truong,
      These controls are created and maintained by grid automatically. If grid gets more records that it can show, that it enables paging buttons.
      There is a mode where grid can show number of pages, but for this grid needs to do a separate select to DB to get records count. Usually it affects performance a bit, so we trying to avoid this approach. Or do an optimization to cut long queries.
      I agree that there is no much documentation about it. – Do you have a specific question?

      1. Thanks for reply this!
        I had try a lots ways to show count record from property in design page: properties of pxgrid, grid SkinID but there is no ways can do it. Can you write document for this or tell me how can I do to enable record count?

    2. Hi Truong,
      DO the following:
      add action bar in your grid:
      <ActionBar PagerVisible="Bottom" ><PagerSettings Mode="NumericCompact" /></ActionBar>
      and add preserve page index in the grid mode
      <px:PXGrid ……. PreservePageIndex="True" >

      Hope it helps.

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