Page Number on Acumatica Grid

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Recently I got a question on the Platform Getting Started article – how to show page number, total page number on the Acumatica page.
Here in this article I would like to answer this question with some details.
Acumatica Pager on Inquiry

Note: Pease be carefull with this thing, as to calculate number of pages Acumatica needs to do database select twice – First time with grouping to get total number of records, second time to get specific rows to display. If you have a lot of data on the database select or select execution plan is complicated, than pager may significantly affect performance.

<px:PXGrid ID="grid" runat="server" DataSourceID="ds" ... >
        <px:PXGridLevel DataMember="...">
    <ActionBar PagerVisible="Bottom">
		<PagerSettings Mode="NumericCompact" />

The main line here is Action Bar: “<ActionBar PagerVisible=”Bottom”><PagerSettings Mode=”NumericCompact” /></ActionBar>”

  • PagerVisible=”Bottom” – important to define where pager should be visible. It can be None, Top, Bottom. This setting can be configured in the customization UI layout editor.
    Acumatica Layout Editor - Action Bar
  • PagerSettings Mode=”NumericCompact” – enables pager with page numbering. This setting is not available in the Acumatica customization layout editor.

The quite critical problem here is that I haven’t found any away to configure Pager Settings thought the customization. Even Edit ASPX function has rolled back my changes. So I had to edit the page directly to enable this feature.
Counting this, I recommend to use this approach only for pages that you create by your own. If you want to customize the standard Acumatica page you may have issues with upgrades later.

For your custom pages created inside customization browser you can use following approach:

  1. Open page directly from Visual Studio (or any other editor) in the place where page is published. For example “<SiteFolder>/Pages/XX/XX401000.aspx”
  2. Edit the page in Visual Studio (or any other editor) to apply changes and save the page.
    Acumatica ASPX Page .
  3. Go to Acumatica Customization Browser and open Files section on the left panel.
  4. Click “Detect Modified Files”. Your changes in the page will be automatically identified by Acumatica and than new page version will be uploaded to the customization project.
    Acumatica Detect Modified Files
  5. Publish customization project to apply changes.

This is the proper way of editing custom page in the Visual Studio or other editor without loosing ability to modify it in the customization browser later

Hope it helps!

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