Team Development – Process and Responsibilities

Hi Everyone,

Today want to give you one more view on the development process in Acumatica.

When you have a team you have a different types of people with different skills. And everyone within a team should know their part of the whole process.
In Acumatica every team has following members:

  • Product Manager
  • Developer
  • Quality Asurance Engeneer
  • Technical Writer

They all and together participate in the feature delivery. And this diagram describes the best how feature workflow is organized between them:
Acumatica Team Development
Now Let me describe it with details:

  1. Product Manager works with partners, clients and other information sources to prepare specification that will describe what feature should have from business perspective
  2. Developer or Lead Developer works with specification to prepare a technical specification that will describe architecture of changes to achieve the needed functionality.
  3. Developer(s) does coding part.
  4. In Parallel of the late coding stages Product Manager together with QA Engineers starts to prepare acceptance tests documents.
  5. Developer(s) continue to work on code and bug fixes.
  6. As soon as main functions are stabilised QA engineers Works on coding of automated regression tests to cover all required functionalities
  7. As soon as all critical bugs are fixed, Product Manager performs final acceptance
  8. When feature is confirmed all code and tests should be merged within main branch and reviewed by architects and Team leads
  9. Technical Writer performs the feature description only when all functionality is accepted and committed.

Really hope it will help you with own development process organization!

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