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Today I want to briefly explain a replenishment functionality in Acumatica.


Acumatica has designed replenishment feature based on most common requirements of SMB companies, however it is extended with advanced algorithms of automatic calculation replenishment parameters based on seasonality or historical transactions.
In the same time you need to understand that Acumatica replenishment may not support some powerful replenishment features like advanced demand forecasting based on future SO/PO orders or other forecasting methods. In case of such requirements you can use full power of Acumatica xRP platform flexibility and customizability and you can and there other required features features.

Acumatica replenishment is split into the two steps:

  1. Calculation of replenishment parameters (optional) – this is optional process that can automatically suggest replenishment parameters like: safety stock, maximum quantity, and reorder point. These parameters will be calculated for every inventory item, configured for replenishment, separately.
    Acumatica Calculate Replenishment Parameters
  2. Apply replenishment parameters (optional) – this is optional process can apply to inventory items parameters calculated on previous step. Here you can check them before real changes.
  3. Prepare replenishment – this process with calculate the reorder quantity for each inventory item, configured for replenishment. Calculation will be done based on replenishment parameters that are calculated on previous step or configured manually.Acumatica Prepare Replenishment

This 2 step architecture makes Acumatica replenishment is very flexible as you can easily add other methods of replenishment parameters calculation.

Replenishment Methods

Currently we have following replenishment methods:

  • Min./Max. Method – this replenishment method allows to order goods to MAX level when goods on warehouse are below MIN level.
  • Fixed Order Quantity Method – upon triggering Acumatica will generate purchasing demand for fixed (configured in-advance) quantity of items.
  • Based on Parameters Estimation – this kind of replenishment requires to calculate parameters first and than do standard replenishment based on calculated parameters. As mentioned before this process will calculate safety stock, maximum quantity and reorder point parameters. Read more about calculation rules in the article Calculate Replenishment Paratmeters
    Following methods for calculation parameters can be used for replenishment:

    • Using the Moving Average Method – This method analyses inventory transactions for past 15 days and suggest parameters based on real sales activities. This method analyse historical transactions and does not count future sales orders.
    • Using Seasonality Parameters for Forecasting – This method can adjust replenishment parameters based on date and increase/decrease required stock items on warehouse.

Read more about replenishment process in Replenishment Methods and Their Parameters article.

Other Replenishment features:

Replenishment can be triggered Manually (by authorized employee on Prepare Replenishment screen) or Automatically (by adding scheduler on Prepare Replenishment screen)
Replenishment can be done by purchasing goods or by transfer from main warehouse.
Also replenishment process does not generate the purchasing documents immediately, it just rises the demand and later you’ll need to create a purchase order on a separate screen. That helps to split responsibilities of different departments.
Acumatica Create Purchase Order

Replenishment Demo

Hope it helps!

7 Replies to “Replenishment In Acumatica”

  1. Hi Sergey

    Would it be possible for you to send step by step instructions showing how to create a business event based on GI in order for us to configure email notifications for stock replenishment? I am new to Acumatica and not sure of the process.

    Thanks so much


  2. Thanks Sergey,
    I have one question, how can I configure email alert when and item quantity lower than reorder point?

    1. Hi Paul, starting from Acumatica 2018R1 you can use business events for that. Create an event that will be beased on GI. GI should show only items with low QTY on hand and filter out all the rest. Than you should be able to configure Email or Mobile notifications for that.

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