Prevent SO Invoice from Posting Inventory

Hi All,

A quick customization tip for you – if you need to cut Inventory posting from SO Invoice you can just simple override PostInvoice and don’t call the base method.
In this case Invoice will be successfully released, but inventory transaction will be totally ignored.

namespace PX.Objects.SO
  public class SOInvoiceEntry_Extension : PXGraphExtension<SOInvoiceEntry>
    public delegate void PostInvoiceDelegate(INIssueEntry docgraph, ARInvoice invoice, DocumentList<INRegister> list);
    public void PostInvoice(INIssueEntry docgraph, ARInvoice invoice, DocumentList<INRegister> list, PostInvoiceDelegate baseMethod)
      //Comment to Prevent Inventory Transaction from SO Invoice

This customization might be important in some cases and have an easy customization!

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  1. What might this customization look like if end user would just want this to occur for specific Order Type?
    IN Order Type may want to post Inventory.. but maybe Customized Order Type would NOT post inventory.

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